/ Brand Designer, Art Director & Strategist
Transforming the future, by design.
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Tirelessly designing what's next.
More than ever, people expect brands to go far beyond simply making a profit. To stay relevant, brands must now "do good" if they wish to "do well." At the intersection of creativity and strategy, it's my job to support brands on their transformation journey and push them closer to their users.

Hi, I am Minh N. Ly, a Tokyo-based cat-loving brand designer and art director who works with fearless leaders to create the next generation of transformative brands that move the world forward.
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Selected Works
From big to small, all evolutionary.
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Key Principles
A firm foundation for strong solutions.
Collaboration lies at the heart of my projects. As no success is a one-person show, I firmly believe in the power of collaboration with not just the creative team but also the client and their target audience to create unforgettable brand experiences.
No brand would see success if it ignored its target audience. As a result, a people-focused solution is always the goal I strive to achieve when helping brands to create experiences that connect them to the people who need to hear their messages.
Flexible and Scalable
Technologies and trends evolve on a daily basis, and so should brands. As a brand designer, I strive to create flexible and scalable experiences, making them adaptable to different needs and situations to better help brands succeed.
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Thought Leadership
Constantly discovering ideas.