A cat-loving, introverted brand designer
An art director with a German sense of humor

Hi! My name is Minh N. Ly and I’m a brand designer who creates memorable brand experiences for your businesses.

I'm also the co-founder of VirEx Brand Consulting, a multinational, multidisciplinary team of freelance professionals.



I am a fervent engineer-turned designer. For that, I always follow systematic approaches with careful researches to ensure that only the best results are created.

Through identities and web experiences, I create a bridge to connect and convey your messages, values, and history to your customers.

I am also a dedicated learner who spend his free time researching the latest trends, techniques, and learning more about businesses.

And people recognized it.


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9x Featured Works

My projects have received awards, recognition, and have been featured by renown international communities and platforms, including World Brand Design Society, Packaging of the World, TheSpot, Coroflot, and more.

1x Best Work of the Month

Awarded by DeviantArt. Of course, there will be more awards in the coming future, so stay tune!