aU - Brand Activation

Since 2020, KDDI Corporation, one of Japan's prominent telecom companies, has been at the forefront of Japan's efforts to integrate the Metaverse and advance Web3 technologies in various industries. Beginning with the success of Virtual Shibuya 2020, KDDI has significantly expanded its business development strategies, culminating in the launch of aU (alpha-U), a multi-service open platform with a strong focus on the Metaverse.

To help aU's launch, the creative team at VML & Ogilvy Japan (formerly Geometry & Ogilvy Japan), KDDI's creative partner, and Hogarth Worldwide (a part of WPP) along with other partners, were called on. aU's launch is planned in two phases, with the initial official service debut on March 7, 2023, and the subsequent service expansion on October 24, 2023.
Project Duration
January 2023 - March 2023 & October 2023  
Team Size
13 Members
Primary Role
Designer & Art Director
Planning & Design
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Key summary
The project in numbers
media exposure value on service launch
number of Tweets with the hashtag #KDDI and #Metaverse
separate launch events
global partnership
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Spring Activation
An invitation to your digital twin
A doorway to Japan's digital twin
Being a relatively novel concept, the Metaverse and Web3 technologies remain foreign to the Japanese audience. As these concepts are the focus of aU, the creative team needed to find a solution to encourage the Japanese audience to interact with aU.

Through careful consideration, the team created plans for aU Spring Week 2023, a multi-day event that combines pop-up exhibitions at 4 key locations in Shibuya, Tokyo's most busy district, and online events to create an immersive experience in which the Japanese audience can directly interact with aU.
A set of motion graphics to support the world of aU
To further enhance the immersive experience, the creative team also create a set of motion graphics with the concept "digital twin" as the primary focus.

This set of motion graphics is available indifferent formats to support the various needs at each exhibition.
An exciting service launch presentation
Lastly, to kick-off the aU Spring Week, the creative team also planned an exciting aU service launch presentation at TRUNK HOTEL, a modern location suiting aU's brand image.

The service launch presentation saw the participation of many important guests, including Takahashi Makoto, KDDI's President, Chuman Kazuhiko, KDDI's New Business Development VP, and popular idol groups such as bala and BE:FIRST.
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Autumn Activation
Evolving the Metaverse with new services
Expanding aU with aU Live and aU Place
Unlike Spring Week, aU's autumn launch focuses on two new services: aU Live (& Live Channel), an entertainment-focused service, and aU Place, an e-commerce-focused service.

As the new service launch coincides with the Virtual Shibuya Halloween 2023 event, the creative team combined both events' launch into one major presentation event, held at Shibuya Cast on October 24, 2023. The event saw the participation of many guests including Hasebe Ken, the Mayor of Shibuya.
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A special thanks to the team at KDDI, VOJ, Hogarth, and other partners