/ A Collection of NDA-released Projects
When creativity supports business development
/ 01
UI/UX Works
From innovative products to design systems
/ Strategy, Design, Digital Experience
Yodobashi Lifestyle - Digital Experience
An innovative service designed and developed for Yodobashi to reinvent the modern retail experience for the GenMZ audience.
/ Strategy, Design, Digital Experience
Yodobashi Design System - Digital Experience
A design-token-powered multi-brand design system designed and developed to support Yodobashi's brand portfolio, digital service ecosystem, and future business development.
/ Design, Direction, Digital Experience
Pfizer Stop AMR (Global Campaign) - Digital Experience
A website designed in tandem with Pfizer's annual Stop AMR global campaign. This website is expected to launch in late 2023 along with other global initiatives and local versions.
/ Design, Direction, Digital Experience
Hublot MP-13 Teaser Website - Digital Experiece
A teaser website for Hublot's MP13, its flagship in the MP collection which combines advanced technologies with pioneering craftsmanship.
/ 02
XR Works
Immersive artworks and experiences
/ Placeholder
Project details coming soon.